Early History


It is impossible not to talk about the historical events that shaped the family when we talk about the history of the estate. The winery is located in a region of ever-shifting frontiers, vanished empires and passing wars. Livio Felluga endured two world wars, living first in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and then in the young Kingdom of Italy, on the rocky coast of the Istrian peninsula and the lagoon of Grado, before finally settling in the gently rolling hills of Friuli. As he was moving in, the rural population of the Friulan countryside was moving away- leaving the soil poorer and the values and traditions that are indivisible from the soil were being abandoned. As others shifted towards industrialization, Livio Felluga decided to revive the hills. He was convinced that high-quality viticulture could breathe new life into the Friulan countryside. With great courage he began to restore old vineyards and plant new ones; along the way he introduced innovative ideas and techniques.


About the Estate


Today, Livio Felluga’s steadfast convictions have proven to be a success. We now grow grapes on over 330 acres of prime hillside land in the Collio and Colli Orientali del Friuli appellations. We are especially proud of our vineyards on the hillside of Rosazzo, an area that has been the apex of Friulan viticulture since the Augustinian monks dedicated themselves to servitude and viticulture in the Rosazzo Abbey in the 11th Century. The designated cru of Rosazzo continues to prove itself one of the great winemaking areas of the world and grapes from these Rosazzo vineyards provide us with many of our wines.


The Label


Livio Felluga’s label depicts an ancient map of the Friulan hills and the small villages that survive with them. For 50 years this map has made these hills alive as winelovers the world over look with wanderlust eyes at the map and imagine a world that awaits to be discovered. When Livio Felluga first put a label on his wine it was hard to imagine a world where that label could be such an instantly recognizable sign of
quality in the far reaching corners of the world that these wines are sold.


The Family


Now it is the next generation of Felluga’s that run the family winery. Like the founder Livio who started the business and his grandfather and great-grandfather, who were winemakers in Istria, the latest generation continues to be focused on nothing but the highest quality in every wine made.