Weingut Peter Schweiger is situated in Zöbing, on the southernmost tip of the Kamptal (Kamp Valley) wine region, with a view of the most well-known single-vineyard in Austria, the Zöbinger Heiligenstein.

Peter Schweiger and his Son, Peter Junior – who is now the fourth generation winemaker of the Schweiger family – lay emphasis on sustainable, eco-friendly vineyard practices.


Three aspects are vital when producing great wines; work in the vineyard, vinification and careful maturation in the cellar. The wine labels reflect this philosophy:

The compass reflects the commitment and the bond to the region. The timepiece expresses their intention to allow the wines vital time to age. Following this principle, wines are never bottled before April following the harvest and are only released once they have reached ideal bottle maturity.





The vineyards are managed in an environmentally conscious way, and this method reflects the winemakers respect for nature and the appreciation of soil ecology. Quality orientated pruning and crop thinning has high priority. Grapes are traditionally harvested by hand and only healthy, selected grapes reach the cellar.


Gentle handling of grapes, controlled fermentation, fine lees contact with regular stirring and meticulous nursing and caring in the cellar serves to produce rich, velvety, full- bodied wines with a distinct fruity character and overwhelming drinking pleasure. The wines have great ageing potential, living up to expectations of wine experts and connoisseurs alike.


Wines are aged to perfection. Partly in stainless steel tanks and partly in large oak barrels at a naturally constant temperature of 10°C in the old vaulted cellar.