Chateau Miraval

Chateau Miraval, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s summer residence, is a place dedicated to the arts and wine.


In 1970, the famous jazz pianist and composer Jacques Loussier acquired the Château Miraval and transformed it into a recording studio – Studio Miraval. Many famous musicians such as Pink Floyd, Sting, Sade, The Cranberries and the Gipsy Kings recorded their hits here.


After three years on renting the castle for their holidays, the couple bought it in 2008. In 2011, they began making large investments and changes to the property, the vineyard was operated separately from the castle, and the vines were still operated by its former owner, the American Tom Bove. Finally, here is the official announcement that Brad and Angelina are taking control of the vineyard and a new winemaker is now running things (Pitt-Jolie & Perrin).


This year, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are giving new emphasis to the vines and are becoming involved in making this unique place dedicated to the arts, music, cinema, theater, and also to local cuisine and the great Provence wines.


Nestled in a private valley is the historic village of Correns, the first organic village in France. Château Miraval extends over 500 hectares in the heart of this magical part of Provence. This magnificent castle is not only located at the foot of the Via Aurelia, the old Roman road designed to facilitate Rome’s expansion in the 3rd century BC, but its exceptional location in the valley also gives the Miraval terroir a unique ecosystem exception that gives the wines a unique exceptional style, freshness and elegance.Since 2012, Château Miraval has formed a joint venture with the Perrin family to promote viticulture, winemaking and distribution of their wines. One of the great French wine producing families, the Perrin Family are leading figures of the great vineyards of the Rhone Valley. Their talent, passion for wine and organic growing methods fields produce high quality wines like the sumptuous Châteauneuf-du-Pape from Beaucastel whose reputation in the world and especially the United States is impeccable.


This choice is not a coincidence, as Angelina and Brad are connoisseurs and wine lovers who particularly appreciate the wines of the “Rhone Valley.”  They gave their trust to the Perrin family which is now heavily involved in the operation of the vineyard and wine marketing. Brad Pitt is very involved with the wines, and Laurence Berlemont, winemaker and technical director at Miraval for 17 years is still there.

From the 2012 vintage, wines from this partnership will be distributed under the name of Miraval, bottled by Jolie-Pitt & Perrin.


Miraval follows the lead of the famous vineyards of Provence that produce rosé wines that reach gastronomic heights. Sacha Lichine’s Chateau D’Esclans was the first to make very high-quality rose wines ands they are the most expensive roses in the world. Here is a special Miraval cuvée rosé that Miraval that is made even more sophisticated and elegant by the bottle and the purity of its packaging – but the complexity of the wine makes this rosé an exceptionally pleasing organic product.