Familia Torres is the World’s Most Admired Wine Brand 2021

The family-owned winery again Nr 1 on
Drinks International’s global ranking
Vilafranca del Penedès, April 6th 2021. Familia Torres has been voted The World’s Most
Admired Wine Brand by professionals of the wine sector, according to the ranking
published in the special supplement of Drinks International. The family-owned Penedès
winery has come in first for the 5th time in the eleven editions of this prestigious global
ranking and continues to top the list of ‘Most Admired Wine Brand in Europe’.
The World’s Most Admired Wine Brands ranking is based on
surveys completed by over 200 professionals (wine buyers,
sommeliers, wholesalers, bar owners, Masters of Wine, wine
writers, educators and other wine specialists) from all over the
world, who are asked to name the five wine brands they most
admire, considering factors such quality and consistency of
the wine, the price to quality ratio and the strength of the
branding and marketing.
Among the praise Familia Torres received from voters, the British magazine highlights the
feedback in which the winery was described as “an indisputable international
benchmark” or “Familia Torres continues to produce a range of quality wines at different
levels….combining the best of tradition and modernity”. The article also mentions some
of the milestones achieved by Familia Torres in 2020, such as the company’s 150th
anniversary and fulfilling its 30% carbon emission reduction target in all its scope since
2008, while already working towards the new goal of becoming ‘Climate Positive’ by
Drinks International Editor Martin Green said: “The Most Admired Wine Brands 2021
highlights the most iconic, exciting and innovative producers in the world” and added
“To win a place on this prestigious list is a tremendous achievement. There are thousands
of wine brands vying for attention around the world, but just 50 elite icons have made
the cut.”
According to Miguel Torres Maczassek, General Manager and member of Familia Torres’s
fifth generation, “This is a really a great acknowledgement for our family and all our team.
Having been chosen ‘World’s Most Admired Wine Brand’ for the 5th time in 11 years fills us
with great pride and satisfaction, and it is of course an enormous recognition for the
extraordinary work, dedication and constant focus on quality and excellence of our
team, distributors and family members.”