Grape Rakia Berdankovitsa 0.5 l

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Region: Thracian valley   Grape varieties: Sungurlarski (Red) Misket   Tasting notes:    Berdankovitsa grape brandy is an authentic craft product in the good traditions of Bulgarian family production. It is produced according to classical technology in a cauldron without a column of Sungurlarski (Red) Misket. The distillate matures for 3 years in 200 liter Bulgarian oak barrels. Berdankovitsa grape brandy, produced with great skill, is a story of the family tradition of the Berdankov family from Sungurlare. During the Balkan War, part of the Bulgarian army was armed with the legendary "Berdana" rifle. One of the participants who mastered and demonstrated excellent striking ability in shooting the rifle was from the family. Thus he received the nickname "Berdana", from which the surname of the family originates.  

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