Praepositus Riesling, Alto Adige DOC 0.75 2021

78.52 лв.

Region: Alto Adige       It is with the "Praepositus" line that the monks of the Abbey of Novacella express all the extraordinary elegance of the best wines of South Tyrol. White and red wines that come from their own vineyards and which represent the most absolute excellence of the estate, rich and very fine wines, capable of a thousand facets, particularly long-lived wines to which it is stimulating to return even many years after the harvest. Abbazia di Novacella now stands firmly by years at the top of Italian wine production, which adds its ancient history, which dates back to 1142. Urban Von Kleblesberg, director of this beautiful reality property of the Augustinians, with winemaker Celestino Lucin, are the undoubted stars of the great and growing success of this reality. Riesling Praepositus enriches a range of wines that are amazing, all of the highest quality. All labels are a faithful representation of the terroir of Novacella, a beautifull and unspoiled village in the province of Bolzano. Here and in the glass, we can feel the aromas of nature, the breezes that caress the vineyards and taste unique wines.       Grape varieties : Riesling       Tasting notes :      The wine has a pale green colour. Riesling, with its layered aromas on the nose, shows flint notes followed by citrus hints of grapefruit, floral and herbal notes. They accompany the palate fully, saltiness and oiliness are revealed with freshness and elegance.

Abbazia di Novacella
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78.52 лв. 78.52 лв.

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